Ensuring a more efficient and cost effective method of trading

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Welcome to ShipNix

We’re a young and dynamic tech company targeting inefficiency within the global logistics space on an exponential scale. Established in 2016, we aim to redefine and revolutionize the way in which logistic services are traded globally.

We believe that through innovative interference, one can influence the present, unlock an infinite amount of value and shape the future
- ShipNix

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What We Do

We offer a business to business platform solution that matches shipping companies and shipping agents. Through our involvement, shipping companies will be able to run fuller vessels and shipping agents can achieve better rates, which leads to a win-win solution for all parties in the shipping industry. With cutting-edge technology, we are able to offer more competitive rates to agents. We assist shipping companies to improve total revenue per vessel, by increasing the number of containers rather than attempting to increase the cost per container.

This is the first of its kind, ensuring a more efficient and cost effective method of trading.

Shippers, Agents or Exporters:

We offer you the opportunity to trade all type of containers to and from your selected locations on a single platform. The system is transparent, reliable and efficient, with all required information and verification at the click of a button. Registered users will have access to mass market supply and “last minute flash sales”. Users will be notified, based on their selections, when space is available and when “specials” are on sale.

Shipping Companies:

We offer you the opportunity to trade all types of containers to all registered users. We also offer direct and immediate notifications to all of the selected and pre-vetted users to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum vacancy. The platform is accessible globally and trade execution with immediate effect.

Individual Import/Export:

We can help you import/export individual containers which will include the documentation, road freight, sea freight and insurance. Please use the link below, to which one of our friendly staff members will make contact with you to assist with the process. Watch our video here.

Our Team

Our diverse team consists of Financial Analysts, Actuaries, Agricultural Economists, reputable and established Logistical Experts. We have substantial experience and established networks within the industry in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, East Asia, North and South America.

Get in touch with us

Contact us via email at info@shipnix.com or phone us on +27 21 200 1456. Alternatively use the form below.

Shippers/Agents/Exporters/Individuals: In order to use the platform, we would need you to be registered by our team. Please fill in the above form with your details, after which one of our team members will contact you to assist in the registration process.